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Sandie Sedgbeer  –   Beyond Indigo Sandie Sedgbeer – Beyond Indigo

Sandie Sedgbeer is Publisher and Managing Editor of Children of the New Earth Magazine, and Planetlightworker.com, Sandie is a British journalist, editor and author whose work has appeared in numerous national newspapers and magazines in the UK and overseas.

She has extensive experience in the British magazine publishing, advertising and direct marketing industries, conceiving, designing, creating and launching a number of new magazine titles and special edition supplements for a variety of publishing houses and clients.

A qualified hypnotherapist and certified NLP practitioner, Sandie is the author of six books published by major international publishing houses, including The Single Parents' Survival Guide. In addition to appearing frequently on television in Great Britain, she has been interviewed on all the best–known radio stations throughout the UK, including the BBC World Service. Her books have been translated into German, Spanish, Portuguese and Chinese.

Now resident in the United States, Sandie owns and operates New Earth Publications, a multi–media publishing company specifically dedicated to launching and publishing pioneering new thought websites, magazines, books and merchandise.


The world is seeing a backlash against the labels of indigo and crystal children. None of this solves the problems that parents face on a daily basis. We need to recognise that an evolutionary leap is happening that transends labels. This not–so –average grandma shares her views.


Phil Clothier –The Heartland Project Phil Clothier –The Heartland Project

Phil runs the European arm of the Cultural Transformation Tools organisation founded by Richard Barrett. He works around the world, supporting individuals and organisations in growing to higher levels of consciousness, sustainability, success and profit.

Having spent 15 years in leadership in the IT industry he combines his transformational consulting and coaching skills with a creative use of computers, music and images.

Phil lives in the North of England with my wife Catherine and children Emily and Scott. His core values are–Service, Love, Trust Humour & fun.


The inspiration for The Heartland Children's Project came from a musical composition of the same name written by Tim Wheater. It is about the journey of a warrior who comes back from war and goes through an inner battle as he learns face his fears to live in peace, harmony and love.

The Heartland process is a day of adventure, fun and discovery for children as we make a film that shows their own journey of moving from fear to love. The impact of the Heartland process has already inspired humanitarian and life changing actions around the world.

The Heartland process has been built to give away and anyone interested in using it should speak to Phil afterwards.


Christianne Parker – Nutrition: the great debate
  Christianne Parker trained as a nutritionist for three years at the Institute of Optimum Nutrition, now recognised as the leader in its field and for two years with the Middle England School of Kinesiology. she combines Nutritional therapy and kinesiology togehter and practices at the Northampton clinic.

She also writes, runs seminars and has presented on the radio.


Kids and their food have gained a lot of attention recently. This talk will identify not only the best foods for optimum health, but also explain how kinesiology can demonstrate what is best for your child.

Dr Surinder Kaur –  Brain Wave Dr Surinder Kaur – Brain Wave

Dr Surinder Kaur is one of the world's leading EEG Neurofeedback therapists. Since she set up practice in St Albans she has caught the attention of the National press including The Sunday Times.


EEG Neurofeedback is a non–invasive technique which uses sophisticated technology to measure the natural electrical activity of the brain (the electroencephalogram, EEG) as it performs a task as it occurs in real-time. The information collected is presented back to the individual in a form so that they can consciously see the changes in electrical state of the brain which relate to particular brain states.

By learning to modify the electrical states through the use of computerised feedback technology, the brain has the ability to learn, to overcome deficiencies, not previously possible without this technique.

EEG Neurofeedback originally pioneered for neurological conditions such as epilepsy and stroke, is now also used to treat learning difficulties. Once the brain has been trained in a particular mental state, it becomes embedded for good, just like learning to ride a bike.


Margaret Opio–The Blue Balloon Foundation Margaret Opio–The Blue Balloon Foundation

Margaret is the founder and Executive Director of Blue Balloon Foundation (BBF). She is a Lawyer by profession and a Graduate of the Institute of Chartered Secretaries and Administrators (ICSA).

Margaret was born in Uganda. As she was growing up, she had a strong feeling that something was not right with her society. It was not until May 2002 while in the UK that someone spoke about mindsets that she realised that the answer to the question that had been lingering in her mind is mindsets. That what destroys individuals and groups is mindsets. She realised that the issue of mindset is not unique to her tribe or to Uganda. It is global, and it tears the very fabric of the individual, family, and society. She realised then, that she has to do something about it. She founded BBF, a charitable company, for this purpose.


Wisdom or Natural Intelligence, Resiliency or internal strength, Insight and Creativity, Love and Compassion is the natural state of everyone , irrespective of our race, colour, religion, culture, age ... This is our birthright, our default setting and is always available irrespective of our past or present circumstances. Learning is natural, effortless, by insight and intuition.


Penelope Moon – A Quiet Place Penelope Moon – A Quiet Place

Penelope has been teaching for 29 years. In particular her interests lie in special needs and behaviour management. She is a qualified hypno–therapist and is involved in training others. She is a founder member of The Cheiron Trust, a registered charity under whose umbrella 'A Quiet Place' has been formed. She co–ordinates the Early Years Behaviour Team for Liverpool Education Authority from where she is seconded out to develop 'A Quiet Place '.

She is particularly interested in holistic education and its practical implementation within mainstream education, complementary therapy and its application to a broad range of conditions of the mind, body and spirit, and parenting and the delicate issues surrounding the successful initial engagement and long–term sustainability of support for families under stress.


Recommended nationally for good practice 'A Quiet Place' 'is a holistic integrated service that supports children families and staff within mainstream education system. Based on the latest brain research the protocol offers an effective and efficient service based on targeted outcomes within the spectrum of Emotional Intelligence.

The protocol is based on the Educational Therapeutic model and is a both positive and empowering model that 'works ' effectively and fits into the context of education. It offers a range of interpersonal skills that enable rapid behavioural change including increased self-awareness and self 'esteem development of empathy and resilience leading to improved relationships and successful communications. Guided visualisation and story, massage, creative arts, yoga and meditation are woven into the program to enable and empower change and choice within the individual.


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